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Students are encouraged to discuss any issues and concerns regarding the program with the class instructor. If the student is unable to resolve the issue with the Instructor’s assistance they may contact the school owner, Michael Patterson and the phone number to 410.501.3960. If the student is still unsatisfied, they may appeal the school’s decision in writing to the Secretary of Higher Education at the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

Maryland Higher Education Commission
6 N. Liberty St., Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: (410) 767-3301 | Toll Free: (800) 974-0203

Maryland Real Estate Commission 
500 North Calvert Street, 3rd Floor Baltimore, MD 21202-3651
Phone: (410) 230-6230 | Fax: (410) 333-0023

Maryland Association Of Realtors 
200 Harry Truman Parkway, Suite 200, Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Toll Free: (800) 638-6425

Refund Policy

There is a Seven-Day (7) Cancellation Period.
All fees paid by a student shall be refunded if the student chooses not to enroll in or to withdraw from a school within seven (7) calendar days after having signed a contract. If the school closes or discontinues the program, the student shall be issued a full refund within thirty (30) days.

If the student chooses to withdraw after the seven (7) day cancellation period, but before the first day of class, the school will retain the administrative fee. The date of withdrawal is the date the student notified the school or the date the school notified the student in the event of termination. If a student withdraws and later re-enrolls in a new class the administrative feel will be charged again. Textbooks and materials issued to the student are non-refundable. If after an official leave of absence a student does not return to the program, a refund shall be based on beginning date of the leave of absence and paid within thirty (30) days from last scheduled day of the leave of absence.