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Professional Development Classes

The Maryland Real Estate Academy offers in-person classes in our Training Center located at 1424 Sulphur Spring Road, Baltimore, MD 21227

Professional Development: Playing to Win Bootcamp

Welcome to the ‘Playing to Win Bootcamp’ – a dynamic series of 12 classes designed to empower both new and seasoned real estate agents in mastering the art of success. In this comprehensive program, we delve into essential business foundations, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive market. From setting ambitious yet attainable goals to cultivating lucrative repeat and referral business, each session is carefully crafted to provide actionable insights and strategies that drive results. Get ready to elevate your client presentations, hone your negotiation skills, and unlock your full potential as a top-performing agent. Join us on this transformative journey and position yourself for unparalleled success in the world of real estate.

Playing to Win Bootcamp

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Playing to Win Bootcamp: Individual  Sessions

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Program Details

Sessions are held Wednesdays from 1:00PM – 3:00PM for 12 weeks in-person at our Baltimore Training Center.

Session One: Business Foundations

Session Two: Activities Management, Goal Setting and Business Plans

Session Three: Repeat and Referral Bootcamp: SOI and Database

Session Four: Buyer Bootcamp; Working with Buyers

Session Five: Open Houses and Working with Tenants

Session Six: Listing Conversion 

Session Seven: Pricing Bootcamp: Buyers and Sellers

Session Eight: Contracts

Session Nine: For Sale By Owner Bootcamp

Session Ten: Expired Listings

Session Eleven: I have a listing agreement or contract…Now What? and Document Management.

Session Twelve: Marketing your business and listings.

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