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Pre-Licensing Class 

Rules and Regulations

The Maryland Real Estate Academy

Rules and Regulations 

  1. Students are Required to Attend All Classes.

  • Class starts promptly at the designated time. There is a 30 minute break for lunch during the DAY class, and (2) ten minute breaks. (The Lunch & breaks are subject to change based on the pace of the class and at the discretion of the instructor.

  • You must sign in and out of all classes, including for the lunch breaks, with your instructor.

  • The doors are locked at start time of each class; after that time you may not enter to participate in the class. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • If you miss a 3 hour class you can make it up in another instructor scheduled class, with instructor approval based on space and that specific class being offered. Chronic lateness or being absent from more than one 3 hour module will result in termination from the program.

  • There is an allowed maximum of one make up module per 60 hours and is based entirely on whether there is seating space and the missed module unit being held at that time within our MDREA Program.

  • You must allow extra time for traffic as this is not an excusable lateness.



  1. If you leave before the end of class you will not be given credit for that session.

  • Emergency situations will be considered at the instructor’s discretion (with proof provided for the emergency

  1. No cell phones are allowed during class. They must be turned off for the entire 6 ½ hour module. If the Instructor has to remind a student more than 2 times during the entire 60 hour class to turn off their cell phone, the cell phone will be confiscated at the beginning of each class and returned at the end of the class.

  1. Taking photographs of any class tests with your phone is not allowed, no exceptions!

  1. Parking is allowed in our rear parking lot, please be considerate and do not take up more than one space. If there is an overflow issue, you may park in front of the garages and in the lot at Town Hall, directly behind the RE/MAX parking lot. Park in the parallel spaces next to the grassy hill.

  1. Midterm exams are given with one makeup exam. You must sit for the first midterm exam and if you fail, you will be given one opportunity to take an alternate exam. The instructor will set the date for the make-up exam. Only one alternate date will be scheduled. To sit for the midterm exam, you must have the required hours of classroom instruction.

  • If you do not attend or you fail the alternate midterm, you will be terminated from the program.

  1. Final exams are given only to those students who have passed the midterm and have attended all 60 hours of classroom instruction. No exceptions.

  • Anyone who does not attend the first scheduled final exam will automatically fail the course.

  • If you attend and fail the final exam, you will have one opportunity to take an alternate exam. The instructor will set the date for the make-up exam which will occur within one week of the final exam. Only one alternate will be scheduled.




  • You have made a commitment to complete this higher education course and the standards are set by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and the Maryland Real Estate Commission. Your instructor is here to oversee direction within the content of your course books.

  • We do not teach Math related skills during this course.

    • We shall facilitate a general overview of course material to assist you in passing your Maryland Real Estate exam.

    • As an Option, the Maryland Real Estate Academy does offer a Real Estate Math Review Class. The class is offered once per course at an additional cost of $75 per person who chooses to attend. You must register online at

      • This is a three hour offering to those who may struggle with math problems. The class covers math as it relates to real estate and the Maryland exams.

  • Reading and learning vocabulary is required if you are intent on passing the program. 

  • Take the quizzes at the end of each chapter and study your vocabulary. 

  • In-class quizzes are given to check your knowledge of the course material followed by a class overview of the testing material. It is expected that you will do additional reading and studying outside of class.

  • During the course of your instruction, Michael Patterson, School Director & Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Ikon will attend one of your sessions and relay Information regarding brokerage affiliation and the basics of becoming a real estate agent and Realtor. This content will be in addition to your Principle and Practice education. 

  • Please be Professional and Respectful toward the instructor, other students & the facility at all times.

  • Talking out of turn during class, sleeping in class or disruption of any kind will not be tolerated by the Academy and will result in immediate expulsion from the program.

  • Please take written notes during class instruction and then bring your questions in writing to the instructor before or after class so they may be addressed during review periods.

  • If you need additional help, consider a small study group after class.

  • If you have concerns regarding your level of commitment to this program please speak with your in­structor immediately,

  • Students may ONLY eat in the classroom during lunch or other breaks. Please refrain from snacking while the instructor is talking so as not to disrupt other students.

    • Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, placing trash in appropriate receptacles and wiping down their desk area.

    • The academy offers coffee during the sessions, students shall rinse out their coffee mug and place in the dishwasher once completed. DO NOT leave dishes in the sink.

  • Inclement Weather Policy:

    • The Maryland Real Estate Academy follows the Baltimore County school system, if the Baltimore County schools are closed, the class will be canceled and additional time will be added to the end date of the course. If the Baltimore County schools operate on a delay, the class will be delayed on the same schedule and the missed time will be added to the end date of the course

  • If you are feeling ill, please do not attend the class and contact your instructor as soon as possible. Once you feel that you are not contagious, you may return to class, we request that you wear a mask until you are completely over the illness.

  • In the event, you need to miss more than 3 hours of class due to an ongoing illness, the student may be placed in the next available class at no additional cost to the student. (Student must complete the course within six months of enrollment)